Maxfield Baker

For City Council Place 1
San Marcos, Texas


About Me


In 2007, I moved from the Rio Grande Valley to San Marcos. The community here, which cares for the San Marcos River, inspired me. I knew I wouldn’t want to leave and quickly made this community part of my life.

I witnessed people fight from the pulpit, from the dais, to protect the river, and our city, from unwise development. The work of these citizens inspired me to get involved.

In 2010, I began volunteering for local campaigns to ensure our City Council would protect what is most dear to San Marcos citizens: our river, our history, and our livelihoods. As a result of that hard work, in 2017, the City Council appointed me to the Planning and Zoning Committee.

Now, I proudly cast votes against development projects that negatively impact neighborhoods, because San Marcos cannot continue down a path of careless development. As we attract more development opportunities to our region, we must be more critical and aware of the long term repercussions.

Since 2007, I’ve dedicated my life to engaging the San Marcos community by supporting local businesses, citizens, and ideals. As your City Council representative, I will listen to citizens’ concerns and help guide our town towards sustainable growth from the dais.

The springs that feed the San Marcos river have long brought communities together around its banks. As current residents of San Marcos, Texas, we must make certain to correct the errors of our past, while working towards building a sustainable future. I ask, if our values align, let’s stand together in 2019, and elect Maxfield Baker to City Council Place One.

Don’t elect a half-baked politician, elect Maxfield Baker to San Marcos City Council Place One!


Baker's Mission

San Marcos needs someone who understands the struggles of transitioning from a student to a permanent resident, that will vote to protect it from overdevelopment, and engages the community at several cross-sections. Maxfield Baker has long been involved in the issues that affect San Marcos, and as a Planning and Zoning Commissioner proven that a well researched “NO” can bring people to the table to compromise. As your City Council Representative,

Maxfield will represent:

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