Maxfield Baker

For City Council Place 1
San Marcos, Texas


About Me


I moved to San Marcos in 2007 from the Rio Grande Valley to attend Texas State University, and quickly fell in love with the town. I was enchanted by the river, I felt immediately welcomed into the community, and I knew that San Marcos would be a place I wanted to call home forever. The more I got involved, the more I realized that if I plan to grow old here, I had to start working to protect the things we all love about San Marcos, which is what led me to run for City Council in 2019.

While in university, I was involved in Student Government and served as an intern for a City Council member. Starting in 2010, I began volunteering with San Marcos candidates in local elections. I graduated from Texas State University in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts degree with majors in Anthropology and Political Science. While a lot of people move out of San Marcos after graduation, I was dedicated to staying here and finding whatever work I could to establish roots.

After graduation, I worked as a Human Resource Director for a local business with over 100 employees in San Marcos for four years. In 2017, I started my own small business as a Licensed Massage Therapist, which allowed me the flexible schedule I needed to volunteer for the Planning and Zoning Commission in 2018. My work and volunteer experiences taught me a lot about the state of our city, and the struggles that our neighbors face. I was inspired to run for City Council in 2019 by my mentors, peers, and family members who encouraged me to be the change I wanted to see in San Marcos.

San Marcos has a long history of being a victim of our own success. People move here because of our river, the University, our downtown charm, and our positioning on the corridor, however this puts a strain on our housing, our core services, and environment. With a limited budget, we’ve been tasked with deciding what smart growth will mean for San Marcos, creating equity in our community, and improving the quality of life for our short- and long- term residents.

Since being elected in 2019 I have :

  • Fought for both neighborhood protections and renters’ rights.
  • Fought for both urban and large scale local farming.
  • Worked for both transportation equity and efficiency.
  • Worked to support small local businesses with tax credits and website optimization
  • Voted against unsustainable growth and tax breaks for companies like Amazon.
  • Voted to dismantle harmful criminal justice policies and increase police accountability.

  • I have brought more transparency to government, worked for all of our neighbors, and voted against unsustainable development practices. A single Council member is not enough to make big changes, but I have used my position to speak truth to power and challenge “the way things are done historically”. I plan to continue to work for the San Marcos we all deserve, and ask for your support this November 2022 in re-electing me to do that job.


    Baker's Mission

    San Marcos needs elected officials that will fight for equity, work for small businesses, and vote to keep our community sustainable. As a long time advocate, Maxfield has shown that he will continue to speak truth to power and ask tough questions of his colleagues. As your City Council Representative,

    Maxfield will stand up for:

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